Online Appointments

100% Secure and Trusted

Zedmed Online Bookings is an initiative to ensure our customers can access all the advantages of this service without risking compromise of patient data to a 3rd party provider.

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Protect your patient details

Zedmed Online Bookings is an end-to-end solution that maximises security and server performance

Make your office more efficient

The platform functions seamlessly in the background, freeing up staff to offer more personalised service inside the clinic

Monitor how the service is going

The Analytics Dashboard provides realtime stats and insights on patient uptake and use


Comprehensive Doctor Profiles

Photos and professional descriptions help patients make a personal connection with their prospective doctor

Customisable Appointment Preferences

Fully customisable appointment types ensures that the right patient sees the right doctor for the right amount of time

Exact Patient Matching

Patient matching software guarantees that existing patients are directly linked to their patient file in the Zedmed database


Unlimited Appointments

Zedmed Online Bookings is all about encouraging new & existing patients to use our service. The more patients the better.

100% Free Supports

An experienced team to help you throughany issue that may arise are just a telephone call away.

Comprehensive Analysis

Zedmed Online Bookings provides monthly analytics to help you see exactly how your patients are using our service.

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